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​​Warrior’s Promise​​​

  1. ​​I respect everyone and everything around me.
  2. I speak kindly to others.
  3. I am helpful, responsible, and polite.​​​
  4. I take care of my classroom and school property.
  5. I keep my hands, feet, and unkind words to myself.

Behavioral Expectations

​​It is important that our students know what is expected of them while on campus.  Throughout the year there are assemblies and classroom lessons that teach the expected behaviors for all Viking students.  Lessons are geared to teach:

  • playground behavior
  • entering and exiting buildings
  • lining up and walking in lines
  • arrival and dismissal procedures
  • cafeteria procedures
  • classroom expectat​ions
  • building relationships
  • how to handle conflict
  • etc.

Teachers are to communicate to parents/guardians and students their classroom behavior management system.  Classroom Interventions will be implemented before there is an office referral.  This gives the student opportunity to self-correct for success.

Level 1 Mild Misbehavior

Classroom Behavior Intervention

  • Step 1:  Student/Teacher conference to redirect
  • Step 2:  Alternate room for time out
  • Step 3:  Consequence: Detention
  • Step 4:  Parent contact: Document in ATLAS

Level 2 Moderate Misbehavior​

No office referral for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd offenses, unless steps below have been taken:

  •     Classroom behavior intervention has been implemented
  •     Office referral is warranted if the same behavior has been documented 3 or more times on ATLAS with notations of parent contacts

Level 3 Severe Misbehavior-Office Referral

  • ​Serious misbehavior that require immediate administrative involvement
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